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The Broker Advantage ...

Few people realize that most mortgage lenders aren't designed to approve all the qualified borrowers who apply to them for loans. These lenders take in a great number of applications, knowing they only have the capacity to approve a small fraction of those who apply. And in today's market (where sellers require home-buyers to get their loans funded quickly) it's common for lenders to say they'll be able to fund a loan on time, only to leave the buyer high and dry when they can't deliver.

As your mortgage consultant, my first task is to search the loan programs of the 100+ lenders C2 Financial Corporation has a brokerage relationship with. Why so many lenders? Because even the best lenders have just a small fraction of the loan products available on the overall market.

For instance, I've had a great deal of interest lately from home-owners wanting to finance the construction of ADUs on their properties. And while the lenders I prefer to work with on low-money-down purchase programs are great at what they do, some of them don't even know what ADUs are, let alone how to best finance their construction.

Once I identify the mortgage product that best suits you and your goals, the next step is to identify the lender offering it at the best rate who can deliver it in the time-frame you need. And once an appropriate product and lender are both identified, my most critical set of responsibilities kicks in: ensuring your loan package is in perfect order so it goes through the approval process as smoothly as possible, and continually monitoring your file so that if anything is amiss or behind schedule, I can step in, obtain any additional documentation that's needed, and/or put the necessary pressure on underwriters and escrow agents to keep things on track. 

You may be thinking: "This all sounds well and good, but what will it cost me?" Of course I'm compensated for my services, but you may be surprised to learn that in many cases, the overall costs to you as a borrower will be less if you work with me than if you go directly to a lender. To see why this is the case, check out my explanation of how I'm compensated. And to learn more about me and my background, read my extended bio.

Then I'M broker for you!

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