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Top 5 Reverse Mortgage Myths

In my experience, the reverse mortgages I've helped clients secure have been the most rewarding kind of loan to assist with. In each instance, obtaining a reverse mortgage has dramatically improved my clients' lives, and as a mortgage consultant, helping to dramatically improve seniors' quality of life and financial security leaves me with a great feeling. Just yesterday I visited a client-turned-friend at her home which, were it not for the reverse mortgage we secured, would've been foreclosed upon. She's been asking me to come by for the past couple weeks to see her garden in the springtime. She lives in a little cottage surrounded an amazing garden - the central work of her past 15 years - and wanted me to see her amazing assortment of flowers and blossoming trees in their full glory - so I'd get a better sense of what my help saved for her.

Of course, being a real estate guy, I haven't always been such a fan of reverse mortgages. I'd heard and seen the consequences of seniors being taken advantage of by predatory loan officers. And I also just instinctively don't like the idea of anybod